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Beans Premium Espresso Blend Coffee

premium espresso blend coffee.png
Aroma ★★★★☆
Acidity ★★★☆☆
Sweetness ★★★★☆
Bitter ★★★☆☆
Body ★★★☆☆

Beans Premium Espresso Blend Coffee is a blend of five kinds of coffee: Touju, Brazil Santos, Colombia Supremo, Kenya AA, and Guatemala Antigua, which maximizes the flavor and aroma of beans coffee.

The aroma of coffee beans and the dark chocolate flavor can be harmonized.

As good coffee cools down, it is important to keep the sweetness and aroma longer.

That's because the coffee's balance must be well matched.

Beans Premium Coffee is not only sweet and fragrant, but also fragrant, making it the best coffee to stay in your mouth for a long time.